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30th August 2017
Hebridean Chapel
One from my wanderings in the Outer Hebrides earlier in the year. The ruins of an old chapel on Harris which from OS maps looked like it could be worth the hike. The best light always appears when you have packed everything up and have left! A quick run up the boggy hill to try to silhouette the chapel in the fleeting light before it turned to rain (again). One of my personal favourites this year.

Dawn Gondolas- Venice

Messerplatz - Basel
This spaceship like portal is part of the Messe Basel exhibition centre, designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. It covers a tram stop in the background
Taken last year on a very enjoyable day out with Mike Diblicek, who was kind enough to drive me around for a day showing me his part of the world.

Island Church

Erratic Stone

A starfish and clam washed up with the incoming tide.

Mary's Shell
This sculpture on Cleveley's beach tells the story of the Sea Swallow, a book written for children, with some of the words etched inside. The Sea Swallows are cut into the top, flying over the beach and soaring above in all weathers.

Fish Out Of Water
Glacial ice that has been sculpted by the sea into a fish like block of ice.
Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Wild Cairngorms
A storm blowing high up in the Cairngorms

Dark Crags
Some stormy light playing on the last remnants of the winter snow. Taken high up in the Lakes above Keswick.

The darkest the eclipse got in Derby.

A lone post bathed in the last light of the day at Longniddry beach near Edinburgh.

High Crags
A very blustery and cold hike above Keswick was rewarded with magnificent views over High Crags.

Light in the Lakes
High above Keswick in the lakes

A wondrous black column of basalt on the south coast of Iceland near Vik. The force of the wind and sea was the like of which I had never seen before.

Ice Fish
A block of glacial ice haphazardly shaped by the sea and looks amazingly like a beached dolphin

Black Stacks - The Long View
A 20 sec exposure to smooth the sea. Vik Beach, Iceland.

The sea washing around a lump of ice from the Votnajokull Glacier, Iceland

We Swim Again
Two works of art created by the sea's action sculpting two fish like blocks of ice from a glacier. Each wave arranges them differently, you never get the same view twice. The deeper blue is caused by the extreme pressure deep in the glacier removing all air from it.
Jokulsarlon beach, Iceland

Black Stacks
The Black basalt sea stocks at Vik, Icelands most southerly town.
Legend has it that Trolls were turned to stone when they were caught in the sunrise.

The Return
Pure solid ice broken from a glacier seemingly contemplating its return to the sea. Its sparkling beauty reaching the end of one life and the start of another.

Seat Of Power
I was crouched down with my camera on the pavement, with the rush hour pedestrians passing by. I don't know how I ended up with an empty pavement on the other side of the road. The low angle and contrasting light made a dramatic image.

Snowscape in the Peaks
This was a morning I doubted my wisdom of choosing to go high up into the Peak District to capture the beauty of the overnight snow. I was following the gritter between Ashbourne and Buxton at 20mph, dodging numerous cars abandoned the night before. I managed to reach a village and found the sign for the footpath and trudged knee high through drifts to reach a viewpoint I have wanted to visit for a long time. The dawn had long passed as my journey had taken so long, but I was there at last!

Leaving Refuge
High in the Peak District a flock of sheep leaving their overnight refuge amongst the trees.

Saddle Rock
Saddle Rock is made up of a series of limestone beds projecting out into the sea. Its upper surface has been polished by wave action. The twisted, wave-like shape arose by heat and pressure during the formation of the Whin Sill. The intrusion is dated at 295 millions years old.

Across To Skye

Inside Out
The Lloyds building in London

A solitary tree in Loch Lomond standing supreme in its isolation

Flooded Trees in Loch Lomond

A view over Loch Lomond late on a drizzly evening

A busy lunchtime in London

Kilchurn Castle

Cotton Grass
A head of cotton grass blowing gently in the wind. Cotton grass is being planted to help prevent water erosion of the peat bogs in the Derbyshire Peak District, and they are beautiful and quite unusual in their texture.

Highland Castle
Kilchurn Castle on the edge of Loch Awe in the Scottish Highlands

Black Cuillin Falls
The Fairy pools at Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye

Rannoch Moor Sunrise
A colourful sunrise near Glencoe, Isle of Skye

A very unique harbour on the Fife coast of Scotland
Fairy Pools
Glenbrittle Isle of Skye

A dead pine on a scottish loch.